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The 3-Mode Drive system tailors the CR-Z’s performance to your preference.
One of the CR-Z's more unique features is its 3-mode drive system. This allows the driver to tailor the driving experience to actual conditions and personal preference.

The default position is Normal. So whenever you turn the key it will always start out in Normal mode, which provides standard settings for all systems.

Sport mode allows the driver to enjoy the performance side of the CR-Z to its fullest. In Sport mode, the CR-Z will use the electric motor more aggressively, providing quicker acceleration and throttle response. Sport mode also provides a sharper steering feel—great for a curvy stretch of open road.

If you're stuck in traffic on the freeway, you could push the ECON button. This will optimize vehicle power and accessory load for maximum efficiency.

The 3-mode drive system makes the CR-Z a versatile machine and gives the driver ultimate control over how the car should perform.