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There are 2013 CR-Zs in your area.

16-inch Alloy Wheels
Updated alloy wheels not only capture the eye, but they also decrease the unsprung weight, enhancing suspension performance.
Large Front Grille
A fierce-looking grille for a hybrid.
Folding Side Mirrors
Integrated turn indicators on the folding side mirrors mean other drivers will have a better chance of seeing your vehicle as you change lanes. And the Expanded View Driver's Mirror helps you see more of what's around you.
LED Brake Lights
The LED brake lights are unique, stylish and add a high-tech touch.
Projector-Beam Halogen Headlights
Available HID headlights provide the driver great visibility at night, while modern LED Daytime Running Lights provide improved visibility during the day (EX).
Fin-type Antenna
Quick and efficient—it also sports a dorsal fin antenna. Other hybrids beware.
Short Overhang
Short front and rear overhangs contribute to the CR-Z's agile look.